I Act, I Am

Kontrapunkt - Minority co-production
 glumim jesam

While preparing for a part of a thief, a young actress begins stealing in real life. After a conflict with the director, she leaves the shoot and wants to show what she is capable of. / A theatre actor is offered to play a bum in a movie. During his research for the part, he makes friends with the homeless. The freedom of a life with no responsibilities overwhelms him. / An actor and an actress are playing a passionate couple in a TV soap opera. When production wraps, he claims to be in love with her. The actress insists that what they did in front of the camera has nothing to do with their private lives, but the actor obsessively persists.

Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia | 2018 | 105’
Original title : Igram, sem

DIRECTOR Miroslav Mandić | SCREENPLAY Miroslav Mandić | CINEMATOGRAPHY Erol Zubčević, Mitja Ličen | EDITOR Andrej Nagode | PRODUCTION DESIGN Emina Kujundžić, Barbara Kapelj, Ivana Škrabalo | COSTUME DESIGN Emina Kujundžić, Emil Cerar, Ivana Zozoli | SOUND Boštjan Kačičnik | SCORE Dubioza Kolektiv, Letu štuke, Severa Gjurin, Klapa Makar, TBF | MAKE UP Lamija Hadžihasanović, Anita Ferčak, Snježana Gorup | ACTORS Luna Zimić Mijović, Goran Bogdan, Gregor Zorc, Lana Barić, Ivana Roščić, Olga Pakalović, Mojca Funkl | PRODUCER Miroslav Mandić | COMPANY Filmostovje | COPRODUCED BY Focus Media, Dinaridi Film, Antitalent (HR), pro.ba (BiH) | DISTRIBUTION Pari Pikule

Miroslav Mandić (Sarajevo, 1955) obtained a MFA in directing and screenwriting from Columbia University, New York. His short film Worker’s Marriage has won the Grand Prix Golden Dragon at Krakow Film Festival, and his feature film A Worker’s Life won the Grand Prix at the Strasbourg Festival of European Film in 1988. He is the author of the noted film Adria Blues (2013), and the cult series Top lista nadrealista (1989-1990). From 1995-2002 he directed numerous documentaries for Czech Television.

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