I Do

Short Pula - Short films


 She is #alone #bored #unhappy #todayistheday 

HR | 2018 | 9’
short feature | CROATIAN PREMIERE

DIRECTOR Petar Varat | SCREENPLAY Ines Zrnc Gregorina | CINEMATOGRAPHY Petar Varat | EDITOR Petar Varat | SOUND Ivan Beuc | ACTORS Ines Zrnc Gregorina | PRODUCER Petar Varat, Ines Zrnc Gregorina | COMPANY Penx Media

Petar Varat is a journalist, editor, and host of digital projects. In the last several years, he has focused on visual arts, working as a photographer, cinematographer, DOP and editor on short films, music videos, documentary, and commission films. He often works with Ines Zrnc Gregorina. I Do is his first film as cinematographer, DOP, and editor.

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