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 A conflict between three high-ranking members of Zagreb criminal underground. It is a clash between two opposing attitudes towards life, one burdened by generational differences and a desire for change.

HR | 2019 | 6’

DIRECTOR Vanja Nikolić | SCREENPLAY Vanja Nikolić | CINEMATOGRAPHY Bojan Haron Markičević | EDITOR Nikola Tošić, Tomislav Josipović | SOUND Igor Mihajlović | ACTORS Marinko Prga, Goran Navojec, Robert Budak | PRODUCER Njuškalo, Vanja Nikolić, Katarina Prpić, Bojan Haron Markičević | COMPANY Antitalent

Vanja Nikolić (Čakovec, 1993) studied journalism at the University Department of Croatian Studies. Since 2013, he has been active in production, working as an assistant and producer on smaller and larger projects. In 2016, he directed his first music video, continuing his development as a director working more on internet and a TV commercial. Minutes is his first short film. He partly produced the film, and is the screenwriter and director. He is working on a new short film and developing a screenplay for a feature film in 2019.

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