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Veterans from Pakrac, working with some of the medical personnel of the Pakrac hospital, saved around three hundred patients from certain death in a humanitarian evacuation organised on the evening of 29th September 1991. 270 of the three hundred patients were Serbians from the psychiatry ward. The people who participated in the evacuation were presented with the Charter of Heroes of Humanity.

Croatia | 2019 | 61’

DIRECTOR Branko Ištvančić | SCREENPLAY Branko Ištvančić | CINEMATOGRAPHY Branko Cahun | EDITOR Branko Vuković | SOUND Pere Ištvančić SCORE Pere Ištvančić | PRODUCERS Branko Ištvančić, Antun Ivanković | COMPANY Artizana

Branko Ištvančić (Subotica, 1967) graduated in film and TV directing from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. The First Film Foundation included his student film Saying Goodbye (1993) in a selection of the six outstanding films by young European directors. The Cornorant Scarecrow (1998) was named one of the best Croatian documentary films in the 1990s. His debut feature film The Ghost in the Swamp (2006) is one of the most watched Croatian feature films.

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