My Grandpa Is an Alien

Croatian Programme - Croatian Film

moj dida je pao s marsa

The entire life of the girl Una is turned upside down: her grandpa is abducted by aliens, and her mother suddenly collapses. In her basement, Una accidentaly discovers that her grandpa is an alien himself. His spaceship crashed planet some time ago, and there's still the pilot there, a small, grumpy robot. Una and the robot have less than 24 hours to find and rescue her grandpa. The unusual adventure will result in their friendship, with rational robot logic replaced by emotions, and Una’s selfless love will find a way to save her alien family.

HR, LU, NO, CZ, SK, SI, BA | 2019 | 79’
children’s fantasy SF

DIRECTOR Marina Andree Škop, Dražen Žarković | SCREENPLAY Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro, Branko Ružić | CINEMATOGRAPHY Sven Pepeonik | EDITOR Marina Andree Škop | PRODUCTION DESIGN Petra Kriletić | COSTUME DESIGN Zorana Meić | SOUND Daniel Angyal | SCORE Stein Berge Svendsen | MAKE UP Mojca Gorogranc Petruševska | VISUAL EFFECTS Krsto Jaram, Michal Struss, Antonio Ilic, Goran Stojnić, MagicLab, Hommage | LEAD ACTRESS Lana Hranjec | LEAD ACTOR Ozren Grabarić | SUPPORTING ACTRESSES Petra Polnišova, Tonka Kovačić, Lucija Šango | SUPPORTING ACTORS Alex Rakoš, Nils Ole Oftebro, Sven Barac | PRODUCERS Marina Andree Škop, Darija Kulenović Gudan | COMPANY Studio dim | COPRODUCED BY Wady Films (Luxembourg), Filmbin (Norway), MasterFilm (Czechia), Artileria (Slovakia), Senca Studio (Slovenia), Fabrika (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Croatian Radiotelevision (Croatia), Magiclab (Czechia), Art Rebel 9 (Slovenia) | DISTRIBUTION 2i Film

INTERNATIONAL FESTIVALS  KinoKino International Film Festival for Children - Zagreb, February 2019; JEF Festival - Antwerp and Bruges, March 2019; FIFEM Montreal International Children's Film Festival - Montreal, March 2019; BUFF Film Festival - Malmö, March 2019; Kristiansand Film Festival - Kristiansand, April 2019; Zlin Film Festival - Zlin, May 2019

Dražen Žarković (Zagreb, 1970) is a freelancer, and has worked as screenwriter and director on many feature and documentary films. Since 1994, he has directed four feature films, six TV series, and numerous short and documentary films. He has received many awards for his work on film and television.

Marina Andree Škop (Sarajevo, 1973) is the co-owner of Studio dim production company, where she works as director and producer. In recent years, she has worked as head of development for popular children’s TV series. Her documentary Sevdah won the Audience Award at Sarajevo Film Festival in 2009, and has received several other awards.

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