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Croatian Film

Mare, directed by Andrea Štaka; Tereza37, directed by Danilo Šerbedžija; The Voice, directed by Ognjen Sviličić; Mater, directed by Jure Pavlović; Go, Went, Gone, directed by Ljubo Zdjelarević; Fishing and Fishermen’s Conversations, directed by Milan Trenc

Croatian Minority Co-Productions

Leeches, directed by Dragan Marinković; Don’t Forget to Breathe, directed by Martin Turk; The Son, directed by Ines Tanović; Corporation, directed by Matej Nahtigal; Breasts, directed by Marija Perović; All Against All, directed by Andrej Košak; I Am Frank, directed by Metod Pevec; Aga’s House, directed by Lendita Zeqiraj; The Barefoot Emperor, directed by Jessica Woodworth and Peter Brosens; Father, directed by Srdan Golubović


Voting for a film in the Croatian Programme screened at the Arena, the audience has awarded the Golden Gate of Pula Award to the film Father, directed by Srdan Golubović, which received an average score of 5.0.

Father                                                             –   5,00

Fishing and Fishermen’s Conversations        –  4.91            

Go, Went, Gone                                              –  4.88

Tereza37                                                         –  4.76

Mater                                                              –  4.56

Mare                                                               –  3.88

The Voice                                                       –  3.43



1. Lina Kežić (president)

2. Dana Budisavljević

3. Ksenija Marinković

4. Vesna Mort

5. Danko Vučinović


 1. Golden Arena for Best Film is awarded to the film Aga’s House, directed by Lendita Zeqiraj.

“A film of impeccable acting performance, filled with warmth, spontaneity, and emotional turns. The most awarded Kosovo director has made an outstanding work of art”.

2. Golden Arena for Best Director is awarded to Metod Pevec for the film I Am Frank.

“Slovenian film director, screenwriter, actor, and writer Metod Pevec has directed an impressive film on the conflict of the idealism in individuals and the brutality of post-transition times”.

3. Golden Arena for Best Acting Performance is awarded to Goran Bogdan for the role of Nikola in the film Father, directed by Srdan Golubović.

”A subtle and emotional, brilliantly played role of a father fighting for his children”. 


1. The Breza Award for best debutant is awarded to screenwriter and director Jure Pavlović for the film Mater.

“After the great success of his film Picnic, Jure Pavlović’s feature debut reaffirms his courage as an author, as well as his screenwriting and directing talent. Especially impressive is the work with the actors, professionals, and amateurs”.

2. Golden Arena for Sound Design is awarded to Martin Semenčić for the film Mater, directed by Jure Pavlović.

Semenčić was able to create an immensely complex sound, which brilliantly accompanies and completes the world around the main character”.

3. Golden Arena for Best Make-Up is awarded to Snježana Gorup for the film Tereza37, directed by Danilo Šerbedžija.

“The make-up by Snježana Gorup follows the emotional state of the main character and provides a precise reflection of all the types and characters in the film”.

4. Golden Arena for Best Visual Effects is awarded to Vedran Štefan for the film Go, Went, Gone, directed by Ljubo Zdjelarević.

“The award is presented for his imaginative use of animation, typography, and visual effects in line with the film story”.

5. Golden Arena for Best Special Effects has not been awarded.

6. Golden Arena for Best Costume Design is awarded to Sara Giancane and Valentina Vujović for the film Mare, directed by Andrea Štaka.

“With unobtrusive minimalism, the solutions in costume design have been matched to the characters and the visual identity of the film”.

7. Golden Arena for Best Production Design is awarded to Jana Plećaš for the film Mare, directed by Andrea Štaka.

“For the extremely realistic and convincing production design, full of details that hold up the characters and paint a picture of the atmosphere in an almost documentary-style fashion”.

8. Golden Arena for Best Music is awarded to Igor Paro for the film Fishing and Fishermen's Conversations, directed by Milan Trenc.

“The remixing and performance of Renaissance compositions, especially recorded in Fishing and Fishermen's Conversations, he manages to bring closer to the audience the work and time that Petar Hektorović lived in”.

9. Golden Arena for Best Editing is awarded to Dubravka Turić for the film Tereza37, directed by Danilo Šerbedžija.

“For exceptional control of rhythm, and the clear logic of the narrative”.

10. Golden Arena for Best Cinematography is awarded to Jana Plećaš, for the film Mater, directed by Jure Pavlović.

“In the demanding framework of direction, Jana Plećaš has managed to paint a picture of the complex relationships and the atmosphere in the film, as well as portray the main character”.

11. Golden Arena for Best Supporting Actor is awarded to Leon Lučev, for the role of Paskoj in the film Fishing and Fishermen's Conversations, directed by Milana Trenca.

“Leon Lučev has made the character of Paskoj, a fisherman from the 16th century, full of life, a man of today, familiar”.

12. Golden Arena for Best Actor is awarded to Rade Šerbedžija for the role of Petar Hektorović in the film Fishing and Fishermen's Conversations, directed by Milan Trenc.

“He has painted the life and work of the great Renaissance writer with class and warmth, acting insight, and charm”.

13. Golden Arena for Best Supporting Actress is awarded to Ivana Roščić for the role of Renata in the film Tereza37, directed by Danilo Šerbedžija – unanimous vote.

“She gave a precise and inspired performance in the role of a young, confident, and successful woman”.

14. Golden Arena for Best Actress is awarded to Daria Lorenci – Flatz for the role of Jasna in the film Mater, directed by Jure Pavlović.

“She has given a performance in an extremely demanding role where each blink of an eye, and each breath have to be just right. As if under a magnifying glass. A masterful performance”.

The Jury of the 67th Pula Film Festival presents Marija Škaričić with Special Mention for extraordinary artistic performance for the films Mare, Tereza37, and minority co-production Breasts, directed by Marija Perović.

15. Golden Arena for Best Screenplay is awarded to Lana Barić for the film Tereza37, directed by Danilo Šerbedžija.

“The screenwriting debut by Lana Barić has brought a fresh, funny approach to a difficult topic. Along with the personal drama of the main character, she cleverly talks about current social issues”.

16. Golden Arena for best Director is awarded to Danilo Šerbedžija for the film Tereza37.

“The directing skill has resulted in an unobtrusive and maturely directed film that offers the sense of empathy and awareness of the importance of addressing topics that have previously been neglected.

17. Grand Golden Arena for Best Festival Film is awarded to the film Tereza37, directed by Danilo Šerbedžija, production company Focus Media, produced by Irena Marković.

“A monumental female story with brilliant acting performances, Tereza37 is at the same time a story of contemporary Split. It leaps out of the norm of heavy social drama, and takes the woman out of the position of a victim, perceiving her as a complex human being. In a year dominated by big female topics and roles, Tereza37 has overall left the most complete impression in all segments of filmmaking”.

ZAGREBAČKA BANKA presents Danilo Šerbedžija, director of Tereza37, with an award in the amount of 30,000.00 HRK.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped in the organisation and realisation of the 67th Pula Film Festival.

Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia, City of Pula, Istria County, Tourism Office Pula, Zagrebačka banka, and Festival Partner - Hrvatski telekom.

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