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Goran and Our Everyday Life presented for the second night in the Arena


The crew of the film Goran by Nevio Marasović was presented at the press conference, with attendance from actor Goran Križan, DOP Damir Kudin, and music author Nenad Sinkauz.

This is a film where everything about the characters is found rather late, and as Filip Križan said, the film has many risqué scenes, and his is a role of an 'outsider'.

Damir Kudin, born in Delnice, in a way translated all of his images from his childhood into this film.

These images found their way out, and we were lucky in terms of the weather, as there was a lot of snow,Kudin said.

Author of the music Nenad Sinkauz said that the music is like an ‘off element, and that it has a sort of an ‘old-fashioned charm’.

The music brings both joy and melancholy,said Sinkauz, who worked on the music with his brother Nenad Sinkauz.


Our Everyday Life - minority co-production in the Arena

Our Everyday Story by Ines Tanović is an awarded film with a long road to its realisation. As the director said at the press conference, she waited for a full 20 years for the last take, because in Bosnia, she says, the consequences of war were felt for a long time.

It was, therefore, very logical to me to make a film, 20 years after the war, about something that bothers us even today, such as a ruined economy, transition of the society, etc. I think we all suffer from a form of PTSD,Tanović said.

This film deals with the war through life stories of the characters, including the ‘mother courage’ - Marija - played by Jasna Ornela Bery.

I play the pillar of the family, a sick woman who is trying to keep the family together, said Ornela Bery, adding that this is one of her most complex roles, a role she easily identified with. She attributes the success of the film to the great functioning of the entire team.

Her son is played by actor Uliks Fehmiu, who honoured Ines Tanović for the success and the making of the film.

It is extremely difficult to make a film in our region, especially for a woman, said Fehmiu, and thanked all of his colleagues for their great collaboration.

Alem Babić, one of the producers, said that for a full three years they tried to get funding for the film, and Zdenka Gold, the Croatian co-producer, said that Croatia profited from work on this film in an artistic way.

Ines Tanović is already working on her next film, Son, and she hopes to work with the same crew.

As a little girl, I used to come to Pula with my parents because of the Festival, and I dreamed of one day having my own film screened in the Arena,she concluded.


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